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Cleaning bags

Cleaning bags
Bag in the washing detergent can be used directly when brushing away dirt, if not black,replica louis vuitton handbags red and other deep-colored fabrics are available washing powder brush lightly; is pure white is available if more dilute bleach (1:10 dilution) directly toothbrush Department to remove the dirt; ...
Bags available in the cleaning detergent scrub away dirt directly, if not black, red and other deep-colored fabrics are available detergent brush lightly; pure white is available if more dilute bleach (1:10 dilution) directly toothbrush Department to remove dirt; or with detergent for 10 minutes (pot put 6 drops of water and add detergent, stir), then for conventional treatment; In addition, before washing with diluted oxalic acid clean with a toothbrush dipped in the pollution site, the conventional treatment can be.

In the supermarket to buy bags of white vinegar, white vinegar wipe with a cloth bag on the account, luxury handbagthe effect is quite effective, easy to use, the price is cheaper, my bag is white, with this good!

Wet towel sticking toothpaste (regular can), After Cuochu foam brush, then wipe clean, wet towel (avoid leaving the taste of toothpaste), it is easy to remove the dirt will not damage the leather, very economical.
However, some dirty, very stubborn. Way to solve this problem is to take an egg,louis vuitton handbags open the egg removal, egg, egg white with a towel dipped a little, wipe the dirty areas. Dirt a few gone. Thick egg can absorb surface dirt bags to go in this way can easily remove stubborn stains on the white bag out. Want more white? Oh .... then what do you wipe a foundation to the children of white leather bag it. You can use a special leather cleaning agent before decontamination, and then the leather on the point of colorless oil, etc. After the call on the leather absorbs the wax, the final result is good. Cheers ~

A normal wax polish, avoid dust, do not be squeezed when the cardboard or newspaper to prevent deformation.
2, wipe with a soft cloth with protein stains, you can remove annoying stains.
3. With the security of oil,Balenciaga bags and wipe, you can restore the original soft.

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Backpack How to Choose

Backpack How to Choose
First, the bag fabric - not just the "face"

Now commonly used material for the bag "nylon" and "Cordura" two. Although more resistant canvas, but easy to damp, wet, dry and difficult to mass heavy, so have been rarely used. The quality of light nylon, will not absorb moisture, mildew, dry fast, strength is not bad; disadvantage is not wear and afraid of fire. Cordura nylon fabric is a synthetic, but it's performance wear and strength better than nylon, the same will not absorb moisture, mildew and snow adhesion and drying, but slightly heavier than nylon.

Second, the capacity - not just how much the band

Knapsack capacity is an important factor in purchasing: capacity size is not enough, the items hanging on the outside,replica louis vuitton handbags cumbersome and easily lost; while the capacity is too large backpack is not easy when packaging the solid operations and equipment package will affect the balance because of movement. Therefore, the choice knapsack capacity of the equipment must first create a personal list.
During the climb some of the equipment such as raincoats, warm clothes and sleeping bags, etc. is not abate with time items, the size of the weight stable. However, while food and fuel are consumables, with the activity decreased with increasing time, the number of such items on the impact of very large capacity backpack.
Now some backpack with "flexible capacity" design, even in the event a few days after the backpack was still able to play solidly, but also makes this backpack can be applied to different areas of activity. In general, small and medium sized backpack does not need this design, but also designed so that no one, if you want to change the size of its capacity can be installed side pocket or adjust the compression side to bring adjustments.

Third, the suspension system - the bones backpack

Backpack carrying system and the weight of the backpack can not completely solve the problem, its main function is to assign a reasonable weight to all parts of the body to avoid the weight concentrated in the shoulder. It also provides focus to bear additional adjustments to increase the balance of operations and safety. Medium and large backpacks usually constitute a brace suspension system as the center, back frame can be divided into two outer frame and inner frame.

External frame backpack

Backpack external frame backpack is fixed in a rigid framework (the most common aluminum alloy), and a taut nylon shoulder strap and hip strap. luxury handbagThe high center of gravity backpack, around the shoulder or shoulder more. Although the design of high center of gravity that require a high degree of balance is not suitable for the occasion, but in the flat will feel more comfortable way to carry some. The backpack is also filled with easy-access items, and can make the weight from the shoulders and hips shared. External frame backpack is the carry rack, so good back ventilation.

In some cases, the framework will become very convenient: for example, drill line in the jungle, bamboo, the backpack easily be hooked stuck; climbing or skiing in the center of gravity shifted suddenly lose balance easily. In short, the external frame backpacks relatively flat for a long way to go when.

Internal frame backpack

Slightly lower center of gravity within the frame backpack, louis vuitton handbagsabout to adjust in between the shoulder and hip. Need to maintain balance for climbing occasions, to prevent a high degree of shaking in the shoulder bag.

IV bags to buy - vary according to local conditions

Shoulder belt adjustment range must match the length of the back, to make the ideal position of the center of gravity falls; hip belt must be able to tie on the hip bone. Pack and should also be seen from the back of the buttocks and legs, she is more petite women should pay special attention to this, do not pack and can only be seen from the backpack and the calf after it is very wrong and dangerous.
Buy backpack, you should first release all the adjustments together with the weight, because without the weight of backpacks can not know the feeling back up, carrying the adjustment range is appropriate, back pack containing aluminum should be checked after the arc and back curve is consistent, if they do not then check whether the aluminum bending; if they can bend the aluminum used for some time will naturally coincide with the back bent into a curve. Backpack shoulder strap and shoulder joints to be less than 5-8 cm, and the shoulder strap and backpack gap between the smaller. Chest strap you can adjust the shoulder strap width of the opening and closing the chest, shoulder strap and make more comfortable in the position of the shoulders, shake and can prevent the backpack. With good use of these adjustments and filling techniques, you can adjust the weight between the shoulders and hips, so that can be shared in different parts of the weight of the muscle.

When the bag to adjust to the most appropriate location, should check the head of the visibility? Can look up and not touch the top of backpack? Wear a helmet is still looking to the sky? Backpacks and back is comfortable, breathable contact parts? Particular attention should also shoulder strap, hip pads with the width and quality.

In addition, there are some details to note:

Is there a double bottom fabric design, this feature can greatly extend the life of backpack.
Are there tow ring, ring hanging ice ax. And multi-day walking trek, backpack design is a flexible capacity. Are there side with the design of compression, when the equipment to reduce the time it can reduce the backpack backpack tightening capacity, to prevent operation of the bags of rock moving equipment balance shift.
Are there easy to carry crampons, skis, snow shoes, trekking pole design.
Are there removable side pockets, this backpack features allow greater flexibility in capacity.
Is there chest belt pack design, it can be difficult and harsh terrain to prevent bag movement.
If the backpack is used for climbing or jungle, the smooth shape of the backpack should be chosen so that the branches or rocks entanglements.
Backpack fabric material should be strong, wear-resistant, more able to meet the needs of outdoor activities.
Zipper bag will be directly affected by force? If the force directly to the force that it limits how? If the zipper bag failure is still available.
V. backpack filled - great stress

Adversely affect the use of backpacks filled with convenience and comfort, or cause damage to the center of gravity offset and backpacks. Therefore, filling backpack by a variety of items in addition to first use classification, but also pay attention to two points: first, the focus of a solid balance between left and right; second is to facilitate access.

The following are filling principles:

1, the quality of heavy items on top and as close as possible in the back,Balenciaga bags could have been the focus of post-close to pulling back to avoid the feeling. Bulky, lightweight items can be placed on the bottom, this does not affect the center of gravity; In addition, as heavy pressure on it, so after using a backpack when it would be more dense.
2, items not on the stick hard back the site, otherwise the case will be directly within the frame backpack to the top of the back and very uncomfortable, or even fall back when hurt; such as the outer frame backpack due to hard goods and aircraft are only separated by a layer of cloth back pack, it is easy to pack cloth worn.
3, the backpack so the weight should be similar to the items placed in order to avoid the center of gravity to one side. Raincoat, drinking water and what the day should be used on top or most easily accessible place.
4, the concept of using the item type bags: will both use the same item or items in the same bag for easy access, even the little things scattered so.
5, to develop the habit of placing point: not only fast finishing backpack, and even the dark can also work out in the backpack want.
6, try to change the loading mode to minimize unnecessary backpack hanging outside, as this will affect the operational security and is not beautiful.
VI, backpack on his shoulder, down the shoulder - a trick pay attention to potential

Backpack on the shoulder with a large bag under the shoulder is to use the basic action. Shoulder on the more commonly used methods are: station lunge feet, both hands that live in the backpack shoulder strap on the front foot in the thigh, a hand first penetrated the shoulder to shoulder to bring shore shoulder bag, then another hand is also rapid penetration of the other side of the backpack shoulder strap to complete the action.
Another common way on the shoulder: the backpack onto the higher ground, as long as both hands can be a little squat penetration shoulder strap, stand up after completion of action on the shoulder. After completion of action on the shoulder Do not worry forward to deal with bags of various adjustments make appropriate adjustments to the most comfortable carrying position forward. Under the reverse shoulder bag is an action, should be gently put down the backpack down, Zhongshuai it off easily damaged backpack.
The second means not only saving on the shoulder, and can not put down the backpack as a short break, we will from time to time in the halfway break a backpack leaning against the side of the road is high. To facilitate the backpack up and down or down.

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Backpack maintenance

Backpack maintenance

During camp, backpack, such as to tightly closed to avoid weasel, rats and other small animals, replica louis vuitton handbagsstealing food, night set to be covered with backpack backpack, even if the fine weather, dew still wet backpack, snow period, can be used as a snow cave door backpack, if education was the line or crawling on trees, shrubbery, lower center of gravity is more suitable for loading backpack, camping backpack can be placed at the foot of the empty set in the sleeping bag, the insulation on the cold surface temperature is back to improve sleep bag must be cleaned. Available if the dirty backpack neutral detergent and then dry in a cool place, but avoid too long exposure, because UV rays can damage the process of nylon hiking still have to pay attention to basic maintenance, backpacks would be cut through the stitching to be using more real-time thick sewing needle is designed to be sewn with a needle cushion prison, the nylon line can be roasted off.

Collection bag should be a cool, dry environment, to avoid mildew damage to the outer layer of waterproof coating cloth bag, check the main weekday anchor, such as belts, strap, carrying system stability and avoid deterioration or hardening gasket and I do not know,luxury handbag zip The change is necessary to change, do not wait until something slipped out of the bag only remedy.
Optional Built-in general principle to buy backpack bag, backpack first view the structural design must have the following basic items:

Backpack is the bottom layer, and so increase the durability of the backpack. Backpack at the top of an extension of the bags must be extended upward, while strict extension should be able to seal bags. Tightening the outer bag must be able to squeeze bag with a volume, to prevent the shaking. Required the removal of the backpack side pockets. Backpack should have to provide traction ring and ice ax loop carrying crampons, Balenciaga bagssnow shoes ... and other items. Durability of the backpack to check whether their needs.

Waterproof backpack levels of treatment. Failure if it can continue to use zipper. Backpack with waterproof cover to be, although there are waterproof bag, rain will still be from the suture lines, pocket or zipper closure at the top of the water seepage.

Check the appearance and then pack and face the mirror, note the following:

Skeleton must be higher than the shoulder bag 2 to 4 inches, the bag must not exceed 5 or 6 inch shoulders, or re-election of a backpack. When the center to carry the belt in the central ischium, lumbar pads and tail too close to each other without pads does not rely on non-friction part of the stomach, do not select too tight a belt. Adjust the strap fixed point, the curve should closely aligns the shoulder strap's back below the shoulder strap around the top 2 to 3 inches, and the strap with both hands grasp the end, fist must be below the armpit.louis vuitton handbags Head can not hit the bag cover, can not hindered with the helmet. Chest strap must be able to help those who can carry through the difficult terrain.

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Outdoor Backpack

Outdoor Backpack

Gesu mountaineering activities as long as you need a backpack, said previous to your home in your back covered the food, drink, use, sleep all belongings are placed in such a backpack. Shape can be divided into a large backpack in accordance with the frame (commonly known as vertical backpack) and the outer frame (commonly known as the aluminum frame backpack) into two categories; straight backpack users rely backpack and back on the shelf near the internal support, the stent will be With the user and curved bones, as long as the packaged properly,replica louis vuitton handbags the backpack center of gravity will move with the user, very ergonomic design. Large surface area aluminum frame backpack, and generally poor design of the Department, often a cause for backache Beiyao weight to shoulder, let alone drilling through the arrow bamboo, or other difficult terrain it! However, a good aluminum frame backpack, and the size of pocket multi-compartment, sorting packaging is very convenient from the equipment to its advantage. Straight backpack in China has two kinds of import and domestic prices, the proposed purchase of capacity sizes ranging between 60-80 liters, import price is between 1,500 yuan, while the middle-class goods from 200-500 per month. Backpacks are used and imported every year to ensure that different levels of change or innovation models. Does not provide domestic backpacks and most of them use the copy to ensure the appearance of foreign brand-name bags, quality is often unstable and the small state of their shortcomings. Aluminum frame backpack hiking or less suitable for long-distance vertical to go, if only to engage in camping or hiking route down the open terrain is also a good choice. Optional aluminum frame backpacks on the market mostly made in China, the price is between 200-500 yuan. There are a few other foreign imports of American-made frame backpack professes to [a straight backpack combines the comfort and convenience of aluminum frame backpack], priced at 2,000 yuan up or down, those interested may wish to try. Attention! Must have a large backpack with rain, water, measures can be added cover waterproof backpack or backpack for water treatment. You pick a proud passion for outdoor sports bag for outdoor operation of the people, little more than a comfortable backpack is more beautiful and practical importance of the special. luxury handbagWhether you are a whitewater adventure, field trips, wilderness photography, stream fishing, mountain tours......

Outdoor backpack features

1, backpack through the waterproofing material used, and very wearable.

2, the backpack back the bandwidth and thick, and have to share the weight of the belt pack.

3, large backpack has support within the enclaves outside the aluminum frame or aluminum frame, the back has a small bag of hard foam support the inclusion or plastic plate.

4, the backpack on the plate is often stated purposes, such as "MADE FOR ADVENTURE" (designed for the adventurous), "OUTDOOR PRODUCTS" (for outdoor use products).

The types of outdoor sports bag

1, mountaineering bags

Two types: one is the volume at 50 - 80 liters backpack between; the other is size 20 - 35 l between the small bag, also known as the "surprise package." Great mountain climbers in the transport package is mainly used for mountain climbing materials, small packages are generally used for high-altitude mountain climbing or surprise peak. Hiking backpack is dedicated to meet the extreme environments, and production of sophisticated and unique, the general package body slender, the back of the package designed by the body's natural curves, so that inclusion of people close to the back strap to alleviate the pressure on the shoulders. Such packages have been waterproofed, even in the rain will not leak. In addition, except for mountain climbing bag, in other adventure sports (such as rafting, through the desert, etc.) and long-distance travel is also widely used.

2 bags

Great bag and hiking pack package body shape similar to but different from the positive bags all through the zipper opening, a very beneficial thing to take place, not like mountaineering bags are usually the top cover from the package into the package of articles within. Wide variety of small bags, be sure to choose a comfortable carrying, and not only pay attention to appearance.

3, bike bag

Bag-style and backpack style is divided into two categories. louis vuitton handbagsBag-type carrying both, the package can also be hung on the bike before or after the shelves. Backpack is mainly used for high speed riding bicycle travel needs. Bike bag comes with reflective light can be reflected to ensure the safety of night riding.

4, back rack package.

Such package from the package body and the external aluminum shelf components. Used to carry bulky, difficult to pack into items such as photo boxes, gas cylinders and so on. In addition, many bags are often marked on the plate for what sport.

Outdoor backpack use

The use of backpack

This refers to the volume of 50 liters or more of the large backpack. Put items, should not fear the heavy bump on the bottom, place the bag after it is best to be independent. The belt tension so that by the gravity hip, shoulder strap to relax, so the top strap was 45-60 degrees. This did not seem to walk back up the same things, very easy. If more or all heavy weight can be placed on average. To buckle on the chest, taut, so that those who do not backpack after the falling feeling. The march and the backpack straps pulled his hands between the accommodation zone. Body slightly forward, so that gravity is actually walking in waist, hip position, the back without pressure. Encounter unexpected events, the flexibility at the upper extremity. In too many items fit into the backpack, can be tents, sleeping bags and mats, etc. in a backpack outside, the use of plug-in straps. Different parts of the terrain is also different plug, such as drilling jungle, do not upward development. Heavy bag on the back of the shoulder has skills. The backpack on a certain height, the shoulders into the straps. Leaned forward and stand up by the legs, which is more convenient approach. If you can put in place no height, lift the backpack with both hands. On one knee (the face of straps). And then hand control package, and the other on the one hand strap quickly swivel, so that one arm into the shoulder strap, so the other arm into the much easier.

Through the rapids, steep sections, it must have rope protection. Passed in the absence of protection, should be relaxed shoulder strap, belt and chest strap in order to open the case of a danger to people as quickly as separate packages.

Backpack backpack filled with the maintenance of loading all the items are not all thrown into the bag, but to the back of the comfortable, pleasant walk.

Items placed on top of normal weight, so that higher center of gravity backpack, so burdened by the waist in the process of moving to straight, then mid-level mountain home should be lower center of gravity, so that education was the line in the body can bend between trees, or to walk on bare rock climbing Bengbi terrain, climbing (rock climbing backpack) bag during the loading position of the center of gravity close to the pelvis, the body's center of rotation, this move to prevent the weight of the shoulder backpack, hiking process may be higher center of gravity backpack filled with paste tight back.

Heavier weight of the equipment placed on top and by the back, equipment such as: stoves, cooking utensils, heavy food, rain gear, and water bottles, low center of gravity away from the back or bending the body would walk to use the umbrella tents with tie in the backpack to the top, fuel and water to be placed in separate locations to avoid contamination of food and clothing, heavy items placed in sub-center and the bottom side with a backpack, such as spare clothing (must be sealed with plastic bags and belts in different colors so easily recognizable logo) , personal equipment, headlamps, maps, compass, camera, light items tied to the bottom, such as sleeping bags (must be sealed with a waterproof bag), the business column can be placed side pockets, sleeping mats or bags to be placed in bags for the rear long belt tied some items, such as a tripod, business columns or placed side pockets.

For men, woman backpack is not uniform, because the boys and girls long upper torso upper torso but short legs and long,Balenciaga bags careful selection of his right backpack, filled with heavy objects when the boys set higher, because the boys in close proximity to the center of gravity chest, girls will be lower center of gravity close to the abdomen, heavy items as closely aligns the back, so that the weight of higher than the waist.

Climbing (rock climbing backpack) bag during the filling position the center of gravity close to the pelvis, the body's center of rotation, this move to prevent the weight of the shoulder backpack, hiking process may be higher center of gravity backpack filled with snapping back.

Placement to be separated from fuel and food, pay attention to stoves or pots filled with groups not to make the back discomfort, pot set into the tent in the rain to wipe clean.

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replica louis vuitton handbags, Female President of the empty-handed attack man wins court edge

replica louis vuitton handbags, Female President of the empty-handed attack man wins court edge

According to He died the man father died. The assailant fled the scene,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, turned himself in on the 29th.

caused by an attack,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, the assailant killed an injured

Wang Guangxi,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, 33, is in Wolong Township side of Seven Mile Park Village people. May 12,discount louis vuitton handbags,, sued his wife,luxury handbag,, Ryu will be Wang Guangxi Court,discount louis vuitton handbags,, with its preference for playing cards,discount louis vuitton handbags,, drinking,discount louis vuitton handbags,, playing cards often lose money or drunk hit her grounds for divorce, Wolong District Court for the court hearing this Seven Mile Park case.

Court is scheduled at 9 o'clock on the June 25 hearing. 8:25 or so,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, the court in the Seven-Mile Park hospital, awaiting trial for Ryu and his father Liu Bangcheng,replica louis vuitton handbags,, saw the ride came to Wang Guangxi electric bike, the three subsequent argument. Wang Guangxi turned out an inside basket from the car Eviscerate knife,luxury handbag,, the left cheek against Ryu is the sword,discount louis vuitton handbags,, Ryu burst into squatting on the ground. Liu Bangcheng stepped forward to block, he was stabbed in the abdomen Wang Guangxi knife,discount louis vuitton handbags,, the spot fell on the ground by the Nanyang City,replica louis vuitton handbags,, and later died in hospital.

Female President won Eviscerate knife

time of the incident, Qi Li woman President of the Concordia Park Court,luxury handbag,, with several judges on the second floor office meeting. Heard arguing downstairs,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, Convoy walked downstairs and saw Ryu and his father injured. Not far away, Wang Guangxi hands Wo Dao,luxury handbag,, was about to re-Kan Xiang Liu Bangcheng holding.


Then,cheap louis vuitton handbags,, have aimed Wang Guangxi to the timing of the court gate to look, Convoy jumps,luxury handbag,, his hands clutching living Wang Guangxi Wodao right hand,replica louis vuitton handbags,, twist the knife out forcefully. Wang Guangxi break free before fleeing the scene.

29 . 16 when Wang Guangxi gave himself up,replica louis vuitton handbags,, present the case is under investigation.

District Court for requests to be successful

Qi Li Qi Li Garden Court is located in Nanyang City Park on the street, is the oldest woman in Nanyang City Court,replica louis vuitton handbags,, is the only woman in Wolong District Court Court The Court of five judges are women. The incident that day,luxury handbag,, because of one sick leave,replica louis vuitton handbags,, the court, only four women judges.

Convoy briefing, June 9, the court had informed the pre-trial investigation conducted to Wang Guangxi, Wang Guangxi's mood is stable, there is no precursor. He said divorce is not the best, if the wife determined to leave, he said much to complain, as long as the child awarded to him on the line.

learned, Wolong District Court is to draft a document, called the academy to learn the judge to Concordia. Party Wolong District Court decision, ready to report to individual third class Convoy, submitted to the court for the Seven-Mile Park, collective merit.

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